About Clinical Mobility

Solving mobile reliability for healthcare organizations

Clinical Mobility — an Intellicom company — was founded in 2015 to help healthcare delivery organizations solve the reliability problem for mobile solutions. We know how HDO’s operate and the daily challenges they face. We drastically improve your clinical technology and workflow by tying up loose ends between the leadership team, IT, BioMed and clinicians.

Clinical Mobility is the first healthcare technology company to offer end-to-end solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of devices. Our services are tailored to the needs of healthcare organizations, both at the strategic and operational level, so that they can stay focused on their core business.

We have tremendous experiential knowledge and skills, but our approach is how we build customers for life. We treat clients like people, not technology. Integrity and quality bond our work. We believe that profitability and integrity are not mutually exclusive. And no matter what we do, our values will always be our real value.

Shawn Jackman, Founder & CEO

Prior to launching Clinical Mobility, Shawn led the national design, strategy, and building of the largest wireless network in healthcare for Kaiser Permanente.

Shawn is the lead author of the CWDP Certified Wireless Design Professional Official Study Guide, co-author of the CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Official Study Guide, and the HIMSS Roadmap, among others. He is also on the steering committee for the Healthcare Technology Alliance. He is a frequent speaker at healthcare and technology events, including AAMI and HIMSS.

Shawn Jackman | CWDP Certified Wireless Design Professional Official Study Guide: Exam PW0-250
Impact on clinical mobility and clinical communications

We’re not just another technology company, and this is why – we make an IMPACT


Integrity is the foundation for everything we do, and we strive to always doing the right thing.  This is the glue that holds the Clinical Mobility team together and allows us to meet and exceed every challenge.


We are laser focused on keeping our employees motivated by always being there for them, training them, and ensuring they have all the tools they need.  This gives us the ability to show up to our customers prepared, ready, able, and always exceeding expectations with on-time delivery of our best-in-class work.


It’s passion that keeps us learning the newest technology. Passion that impels us to evolve to provide service offerings our clients don’t even know they need yet. It’s passion that holds our standards high.


We are always open at every level of our business.  We stick to the truth and being real even when it’s not easy, and we often take time to reflect on how we can do better for ourselves and our customers.

Customers First

Clinical Mobility is here to assist our customers in accomplishing their goals.  We make every decision and measure every outcome based on how well it serves our customers.


We trust our employees to always show up as their best self for you.  We build trust in every customer relationship we enter into by doing what we say we will do, and doing it beyond your expectations every time.

Our Core Values

Never accept the status quo

Envision what is possible rather than how things are done today. The status quo is often an archaic artifact based on outdated principles.

Hire passion

We want people who won’t be satisfied until the job is done right.

Outcome driven

Healthcare is the hardest vertical for mobility.


Customers have many constraints. Our job is to understand and alleviate their pain to achieve business outcomes.

Meet Our Team


Shawn Jackman

Shawn Jackman is the founder and CEO of Clinical Mobility and a global expert in wireless and security for healthcare delivery organizations. Under his leadership, Clinical Mobility has become the only independent service provider for wireless reliability in the healthcare industry.

Prior to launching Clinical Mobility, Shawn led the national design, strategy, and building of the largest wireless network in healthcare for Kaiser Permanente.

Shawn is the lead author of the CWDP Certified Wireless Design Professional Official Study Guide, co-author of the CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Official Study Guide, and the mHIMSS Roadmap, among others. He is also on the steering committee for the Healthcare Technology Alliance. He is a frequent speaker at healthcare and technology events, including AAMI and HIMSS.

Shawn is an engineer at heart and when he’s not working, he is usually entrenched in a far too aggressive home DIY project. He is particularly fond of woodworking and enjoys sports, playing guitar (poorly), and quality wine with family and friends.

Founder & CEO

Jon Krabbenschmidt

Jon Krabbenschmidt is responsible for the finance, accounting, legal, and human resource departments for Clinical Mobility. Under his leadership, Clinical Mobility has established global business processes and operations that enable the company to scale quickly as new opportunities arise.

Whether inside a major corporation or running a start-up, Jon is always an entrepreneur. Throughout his life, he has turned his personal interests into profitable businesses. As a young man, he liked working with horses, so he started a feed and care business. In college, he turned his passion for technology into a computer retail and service store.

Jon spent his early career leading IT and engineering teams but wanted a greater challenge. Prior to joining Clinical Mobility in 2015, he held leadership roles with Kaiser Permanente and other organizations, helping them leverage wireless technology to achieve their business goals.

Jon takes pride in the fundamentals of life–personal responsibility, acceptance, and good work. He is happiest these days with his family, building things, and subverting the occasional norm.

Chief Operating Officer

Debi Higgs

Clinical Mobility is about people, not just technology. Debi Higgs is the architect of our human resource strategy and in that capacity is building an organization that reflects our core values of excellence, integrity, and trust. Leveraging more than 20 years of experience, she leads the development of human resource policies, global talent acquisition, and our executive coaching program.

After management roles with Cupertino Electric, Envestnet, Model N, Cadence Design Systems, and more, Debi formed her own talent acquisition agency called G&H Consulting Group. Debi began her career by serving for 17 years in the United States Air Force where she rose to the rank of master sargeant.

Debi believes that even the most complex problems have a solution. To that end, she teaches life skills to California inmates in an effort to reduce recidivism. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and three-quarters of the prison population were released, Debi and other volunteers working with Carry the Vision began adapted their program to work directly with half-way houses and the homeless population.

Senior Vice President of Staffing and Talent
Jim Magnusson

Jim Magnusson

Jim has 30+ years of work experience in designing, implementing, and supporting healthcare IT solutions for HDOs, manufacturers and integrators.

Jim’s roles have spanned from technical architecture roles, consultant, to technical business analyst – clinical liaison to connect the clinical, IT, business, and technical requirements to solve healthcare needs.

Jim’s blend of technology and point of care expertise has positioned him to be an integral part of the Clinical Mobility team.

Director of Strategic Solutions

Tom Head

Tom Head and Shawn Jackman co-founded Clinical Mobility in 2015. Tom, an engineer with deep experience in wireless, helped the company define and refine our current processes for assessing and measuring wireless reliability.

Tom is an inventor who grew up in an eccentric family, living in the woods. His first big purchase as a teenager was a programmable calculator and an eight-inch reflector telescope. It is no surprise that he went to employment with Lucent, Lockheed Martin, and other government contractors at NASA, working on wireless and cellular technology for the space program.

Tom is a problem-solver and likes really big challenges. Of late he has been developing software to visualize that which is invisible in wireless deployments. It is a natural progression for the kid who, not satisfied with a regular treehouse, built one across multiple trees and levels, just to see if he could.

Engineering & Tools Architect

Miguel Valenzuela

Miguel Valenzuela is responsible for the expansion of Clinical Mobility services to Nordic and European countries. In this role, he works with government and private entities to identify solutions to improve the reliability and security of wireless deployments in healthcare delivery organizations.

Miguel is a California Professional Registered Engineer with extensive experience in designing and managing water & wastewater projects for both private and public projects. His experience in civil engineering ranges from marketing and sales, to working as an innovation coach in Norway.

Miguel continues to inspire and teach youth to create and invent with his patented invention PancakeBot, and as the head of a Eiker Innovators & Makers, a non-profit in Hokksund, Norway. He also runs his own innovation consulting company.

Nordic & European Union Division

Kia Baradaran

Kia Baradaran is on the front lines with some of the largest healthcare delivery organizations in the world. He is responsible for the creation of wireless strategies, including the infrastructure, devices, and security. He is also supervises the quality of the implementation, working long-term with hospitals so that they can adapt facilities and patient services quickly when new opportunities arise.

Prior to joining Clinical Mobility, Kia developed deep and broad experience in engineering, sales engineering, and sales roles for companies such as Wells Fargo, 3Com, Aruba, and more. Kia maintains a very high standard of excellence, which he developed working as a sales clerk in his Dad’s retail business. While attending Cal Poly, he also served in the US Army Reserves before graduating with a degree in computer science.

When he can get away from his computer, Kia is outside. You can find him most weekends on the treacherous bike trails of Northern California. The tougher the trail, the better the ride.

Customer Solutions Architect

Scott Tomiko

Scott Tomiko tends to Clinical Mobility’s most important assets – our customers. As our field service manager, Scott has identified methods for more efficient, accurate, and safe implementation of wireless networks for healthcare delivery organizations.

Prior to joining Clinical Mobility, he spent 20 years teaching anti-terrorist techniques for a government military training company. We know that our clients are in the best hands with Scott who is an expert in staying alive. Now he is back in the field and his skills in high-stress decision-making, counter-surveillance, and evasive driving maneuvers have prepared him for any challenge healthcare technology can deliver.

After many years of driving fast, shooting guns, and rally racing, Scott had enough excitement. He is a lifelong learner and has myriad technology certifications. After 20 years of procrastination and 15 years of online classes, Scott also recently earned his MBA from Southern New Hampshire University.

Field Service Manager
Dan Longman Operations & Project Delivery

Dan Longman

Dan Longman helps keep the Clinical Mobility trains running on time. With his business acumen and more than 30 years of experience managing large complex technology projects, Dan drives the research, planning, and implementation of our most strategic projects.

Prior to joining Clinical Mobility, Dan was instrumental in the planning and deployment of wireless networking to over 900 Kaiser Permanente facilities, including 37 hospitals. Dan also held I.T. product and project management positions with large financial firms including Charles Schwab, and with a private IT consulting company in Silicon Valley.

Dan is an innovator, always looking to the future, but he also recognizes the past. He has a degree in history from the University of Missouri-Columbia and an avid interest in American military conflicts. When not sidelined by a pandemic, Dan is mixing it up on the hardcourts three times a week.

Operations & Project Delivery

Corporate Social Responsibility

Because community matters

Corporate Social Responsibility

Technology in healthcare saves lives and you can’t be in the healthcare business without deeply caring about people. We certainly do! We care about the customers we help, and the impact our work has on their communities by improving the quality and reliability of patient care delivery.