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Wireless medical device and network testing increases uptime and reduces risk.

Clinical Mobility Labs is the only independent center of excellence for testing wireless technology in the healthcare industry. We ensure all wireless technologies are working optimally so that healthcare delivery organizations can reduce patient risk, improve clinical outcomes, and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.

Clinical Device Testing for Healthcare Delivery Organizations

Testing wireless medical devices in our labs or your environment prior to launch is the best way to ensure reliable connectivity and optimal security. Unfortunately, most healthcare delivery organizations have neither the facilities nor the staff resources to do so thoroughly or consistently.

We are experts in managing wireless programs for healthcare delivery organizations. From healthcare regulatory compliance (HIPAA), AAMI (IEC 80001 and TIR57), payment card industry (PCI DSS), and feature enablements like guest services and RTLS, we have you covered. Our systematic, repeatable methods ensure the ongoing quality, safety, and effectiveness of your medical devices.

Use Cases Ensure Alignment with Business Requirements

Clinical Mobility Labs does not evaluate devices in a vacuum. Our work is always aligned to business requirements and therefore the first step in this process is to identify the key use cases. Every organization is unique, but the following are the most common use cases among the healthcare delivery organizations that we have served:

  • Clinical communications (voice, video & texting)

  • Mobile EHR access

  • Point-of-care mobile medical devices (e.g. patient monitors, infusion pumps)

  • Alarm management on mobile devices

  • Medication administration (e.g. BCMA)

  • Locating clinical assets and personnel (RFID and RTLS)

  • BYOD and wireless guest access.

When developing test plans and evaluating technology capabilities, we align lab tests to support actual business use cases and therefore evaluate pass/fail criteria based on the business requirements. For example, if smartphones are being deployed that will support a clinical communications application where real-time voice, texting, alerts and alarms will be required, our testing efforts will investigate device and infrastructure capabilities (IEEE 802.11e/r/k/v and even wired network QoS) and then engineer and evaluate for reliability and performance. The result is a technical specification to ensure clinical project success.

Do you have a use case not listed here? Contact us!

Flawless Smartphone Roll-outs Require Advanced Testing

Clinical Mobility Labs evaluates smartphones for the most demanding healthcare use cases and applications. Our end-to-end process includes software and firmware selection, configuration and testing (technology & use cases), development of a maintenance strategy (MDM / vendor-proprietary / other methods), review of people and process, and even guidance for device selection and avoidance for your procurement department. And of course, every device is tested to ensure the proper implementation of security protocols.

Wireless Network Testing Solves Reliability Problems

Your wireless network needs to be as reliable and secure as your devices. In addition to threats like man-in-the-middle attacks, wireless sniffing, unauthorized access, and more, your wireless network is also vulnerable to physical changes in your environment. Clinical Mobility can help you design, implement, change, remediate, and maintain your network to ensure optimal patient service.

Clinical Mobility Labs wireless network testing for healthcare delivery organizations includes a comprehensive list of features:

  • Recent and popular wireless network hardware

  • Recent and popular security products RADIUS & NAC

  • Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) implementation

  • Active Directory Integration

  • Common hospital wired network hardware implemented in a full campus design

  • Cisco Call Manager & VoIP infrastructure

  • Firewall & access layer segmentation testing

  • VM capabilities

  • Traffic capture devices

  • Arsenal of test cases that can be adapted to your requirements

  • Existing medical and enterprise smartphone devices.

Wireless Testing & Quality Assurance for Medical Device Manufacturers

Clinical Mobility Labs is the most complete test lab environment that is not in a production environment, in the wireless healthcare industry. We have tested hundreds of different devices in thousands of environments.

Most network technology and device manufacturers lack robust testing facilities or specialized staff. Without testing, however, you are more vulnerable to failure due to unforeseen issues. Clinical Mobility can help you deploy more reliable, secure devices by testing for two standards: IEC 80001 and TIR57 and common healthcare security policies and HIPPA.

Clinical Mobility Labs most commonly assist manufacturers with testing and quality assurance in key phases of design and deployment including:

  • Prototyping phase before moving to a proof of concept

  • Software updates and product revisions

  • And large device deployments for healthcare delivery organizations.

Clinical Mobility Technical Competencies

Ask our customers. They report that by testing their network and devices with Clinical Mobility Labs, they were able to reduce their total cost of ownership, increase uptime, curtail risk, and get more value over the lifetime of their investment in wireless technologies.

Clinical Mobility Labs can conduct testing for a single project, like a high-volume rollout, or as an ongoing service, as the needs of your organizations evolve. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you reduce waste, increase customer retention, and improve profitability.
Clinical Mobility is vendor agnostic. We do not sell any wireless technology or equipment, but we have deep experience with all the major and common providers including:

  • Aruba, Cisco, Extreme Networks and Mist wireless technology

  • Common RADIUS servers in healthcare environments including Cisco ISE, Microsoft NPS, FreeRADIUS, and Aruba ClearPass

  • Cisco Communications Manager (CUCM) and Call Manager Express (CME)

  • Microsoft Active Directory and Certificate Services (PKI), SecureW2

  • Aruba and Cisco wired LAN technologies

  • Instrumentation and tools from AirMagnet, Anritsu, Ekahau, Fluke, Ixia, Live Action and Metageek

  • Smartphones used for clinical workflow - Apple, Ascom, Honeywell, Spectralink, Zebra

  • Clinical Communications software from Halo Communications, Mobile Heartbeat, PatientSafe Solutions, Voalte, Vocera

  • RTLS systems from Aeroscout, Centrak and various BLE vendors

  • MDM systems from AirWatch, Intune and Mobileiron

  • Many, many medical devices from various vendors

  • Ruckus (Commscope) and Celona CBRS technology

Bottom line, if it's a mobility technology in healthcare, the chances are extremely high we have experience with it.
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