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Clinical Mobility vendor-neutral services offer objective counsel for optimizing wireless medical devices and networks

Clinical Mobility services ensure that healthcare delivery organizations of every size have reliable wireless connectivity. We align your wireless infrastructure, mobile devices, and security so that your clinicians and guests enjoy excellent connectivity–every device, in every location, every time.

Wireless Engineering Services

Engineering Services for the Entire Lifecycle of Your Wireless Program

Why Clinical Mobility?

Clinical Mobility is vendor neutral and therefore our wireless experts, with deep experience in healthcare, are in a unique position to provide independent, objective counsel to your organization. Our experts have deep career experience in healthcare. Our comprehensive wireless services are delivered by experts that also have deep experience in healthcare. Each service may be purchased individually or as a custom package that maps to the needs of your organization.

Our customers report that working with Clinical Mobility has given them control over their wireless investments. With reduced production issues that impact clinical workflow and sap their IT teams, IT staff and clinicians are more productive with increased uptime and reliability of their network. CIOs can now make decisions about growth and investments with confidence, based on actual network configuration and data. And perhaps most importantly, patient satisfaction has increased as services and information are more readily available on-demand.

Wireless for Healthcare: A Technical Guide

Don’t miss this in-depth technical whitepaper written by Clinical Mobility CEO Shawn Jackman.
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