Staff Augmentation

Intelligent IT Staffing Solutions Keep Your Projects On-time and On-budget

Finding highly skilled IT professionals with the right experience and attitude is a time-consuming and expensive problem for organizations of every size. Technology has a growing and more strategic role in business, but the supply of top-notch professionals is not keeping pace. We have seen first-hand the challenge facing IT leaders that need a reliable partner to listen and quickly identify the right resources to keep your department on-budget and on-schedule.

 “We have one goal: to bring high-quality consulting resources that deliver results. We come from the healthcare industry, so we understand the technical staffing needs that are unique to healthcare delivery organizations.”

Shawn Jackman, Founder and CEO of Clinical Mobility

Deadlines, milestones, and goals cannot be missed, but unforeseen circumstances often necessitate additional support. If you need a talented technologist to fill short and/or long-term vacancies, Intellicom can help. All we do is IT services, so we know how to prescribe the right resource to fill your gaps and solve your most complex problems.

Intellicom Intelligent Staff Augmentation Services were established to assist Clinical Mobility’s healthcare customers and clients. We have been solving the most complex technical problems for healthcare delivery organizations for more than five years and at the request of those customers, we have expanded our services to include augmentation for your internal staffing needs.

Some of the largest healthcare organizations in the country rely on us for reliable technical operations. Why? Because we understand that healthcare IT teams not only keep facilities operational but are also critical for the business of saving lives.

Intellicom staff augmentation for Clinical Mobility customers is a unique service. No other staffing organization is so deeply integrated with the industry. Our in-house and augmented staff come from healthcare. We have worked inside these organizations and for the technology manufacturers that make the equipment you use. We have seen it all and we have fixed it all. In fact, we have never found a problem that we could not solve.

Are you ready to stop looking for help? You don’t need to spend hours searching candidate databases or interviewing endless candidates. We will do it for you. The intake will require less than 30 minutes, regardless of how many roles you need to fill. 

We Offer the Following Staff Augmentation Services:

Contract Resources: Consultants with credibility, quality experience, and alignment with client needs. Small and large engagements: We can easily scale to meet your needs, whether it’s one or hundreds of resources.

Healthcare IT: Decades of experience focused on healthcare provider market demands and trends.

Matching Great People With Great Opportunities

Every Intellicom consultant brings years of meaningful experience to your role. We demand the highest standards for quality performance with experience in either clinical healthcare disciplines and/or IT systems. Our consultants will work closely with you to provide:

  • Planning and implementation pre-planning
  • Workflow analysis
  • EMR and ERP subject matter expertise
  • Change management
  • Design / build analysis
  • Systems and integration testing
  • Training and go-live support
  • Cybersecurity
  • And more…. Just ask!

Interested in Staffing Services?

Contact us today to learn more about our staff augmentation services so we can help you achieve your business objectives.

Seeking Work Opportunities?

If you are seeking work opportunities, from a short term contract to a full time career, we are ready to put you to work.

What’s the secret sauce?

Exceptional people, technology execution, and efficient processes that don’t waste time — all focused-on quality and effectiveness. We understand that for technology to work, it must align with the strategic and operational needs of your unique organization. With our deep experience in healthcare, can rapidly assess your requirements and culture and then match your needs with extraordinary industry experts that have the technical and personal skills required to drive success.

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