Patient Safety

Exceptional security without compromising reliability for your wireless program

Managing wireless technology for healthcare delivery organizations has always been arduous, but securing them can be even more daunting. Of late, however, the work has become significantly more complex with the emergence of pandemic-triggered organizational and service changes, the proliferation of IoT devices across healthcare delivery organizations, and the increasing velocity of security threats. All this during a period of explosive growth for the industry during which IT teams must support new and greater demands.

Assessing, updating, implementing, and testing wireless networks and devices requires that our expert technicians must be on-site for some procedures. It is the only way to ensure that devices and applications will meet clinicians’ performance criteria in actual, myriad environments. The following is a list of our updated procedures for on-site operation in healthcare delivery organizations.

Patient and Clinician Safety Measures

  • All Clinical Mobility on-site staff must complete a background check and be trained to work in medical facilities.
  • Clinical Mobility field staff work in patient rooms only with authorization and must be accompanied by a clinician escort.
  • All work is scheduled for non-peak hours in critical care sections.
  • Clinical Mobility requires our entire team to participate in continuing education on evidence-based technology and healthcare safety requirements.
  • We adhere to state and hospital COVID-19 requirements and our engineers will provide proof of a negative test result within 72 hours of entering a healthcare delivery organization.
  • Our team is briefed on each organization’s safety precautions before entering.

Technical and Financial Safety Measures

  • Equipment manufacturers’ best practices may conflict with the requirements of critical and/or legacy devices. We collaborate with your IT and Health Technology Management (HTM) teams to resolve those conflicts and ensure that all critical devices are optimized.
  • Device vendors have an infinitely variable baseline to develop and test their devices, but those tests are not always aligned with the business requirements of your organization. Clinical Mobility Labs offers device testing to healthcare delivery organizations that do not have in-house testing facilities. Clinical Mobility can minimize or eliminate testing in your production facilities by leveraging our lab capabilities.