Exceptional security without compromising reliability for your wireless program.

Managing wireless technology for healthcare delivery organizations has always been arduous, but securing them can be even more daunting. Of late however, the work has become significantly more complex with the emergence of pandemic-triggered organizational and service changes, the proliferation of IoT devices across healthcare delivery organizations, and the increasing velocity of security threats. All this during a period of explosive growth for the industry during which IT teams must support new and greater demands.

With the proliferation of clinician mobility solutions, healthcare delivery organizations now collect and manage significantly more patient data than ever before. With it, IT teams are now facing many more potential threats from thousands of sources. A breach can be extremely costly, but more importantly, it could introduce risk to patient care. Clinical Mobility is in business to minimize these risks.

Every wireless implementation in a healthcare delivery organization is unique and therefore a thoughtful, multi-layered security strategy is critical. IT teams need to consider both segmentation strategies, on-site and remote environments and anticipate the impact of evolving cyberthreats. Security methods considered acceptable even a few years ago are now deemed outdated to mitigate modern security risks. Clinical Mobility can help you stop these threats before they affect patient care.

Clinical Mobility security services cover a broad range of topics including policy-based access/NAC design and implementations, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) design and implementations, standards such as AAMI IEC 80001 and TIR57, and security audits. We have developed proprietary methodologies to help healthcare organizations fully realize the benefits of security programs like Cisco ISE, Aruba ClearPass, Ruckus Cloud Path, ExtremeControl, and more. And we work directly with both infrastructure and device manufacturers if a security vulnerability is identified.

While we are a mobility company, our security services address both wired and wireless access layer use cases. Strategies to mitigate security risk must equally embrace wired and wireless into a single, unified approach.

Our comprehensive security services include:

  • Architecture and high-level design (HLD).
  • Audits and reviews of security policies and NAC implementations.
  • PKI architecture, design, implementations, and audits.
  • Network configurations.
  • Wireless infrastructure configuration.
  • End-user device configurations, protocol, and performance testing.
  • BYOD strategy, design, and implementations.
  • Guest wireless solution.s
  • Recommendations and implementations of granular security control policy-based access/NAC.

Contact us now to discuss how we can improve your security…without being sold boxes and licenses—we will optimize what you already own. Clinical Mobility will ensure that your healthcare delivery organization will have the highest levels of security without compromising excellent network performance.

Policy Management Partners

  • Cisco ISE
  • Aruba ClearPass
  • Ruckus Cloud Path
  • ExtremeControl from Extreme Networks