Standardization of wireless engineering lays a solid foundation for rapid growth.

The healthcare industry currently lacks technical standards for wireless technology. Without it, healthcare delivery organizations spend millions each year buying products that don’t work and then waste thousands of hours troubleshooting the problems. Unfortunately, time and money are not the only issues; unreliable wireless connectivity too often affects patient service and outcomes. Without more specific mandates from the FCC & FDA, healthcare delivery organizations are forced to navigate the complex realities of wireless technology on their own.

Our Approach

Solving wireless reliability and security for healthcare delivery organizations.

Clinical Mobility was formed in 2015 to combat this issue. We were the first to develop a design standard that meets the common regulatory compliance and reliability targets for healthcare.

What separates Clinical Mobility is our approach to design. Each healthcare delivery organization has the same regulatory requirements and general goals, but implementations vary significantly based on the physical configuration of the facilities. Our team comes from healthcare delivery organizations so we understand what it takes to standardize your wireless program. Using proprietary processes and tools for network assessment, design, and root cause analysis and remediation, we will optimize new healthcare information technology solutions alongside existing legacy devices.

Most healthcare delivery organizations are an amalgamation of existing, acquired, and new facilities, each with its own wireless configuration and challenges. Clinical Mobility tests and certifies wireless network architecture to provide economies of scale, repeatability, and most importantly, the highest levels of reliability, data security, and performance across the organization.

Once you truly have a design standard, it can then be repeated at scale. Your operations staff can manage every location in the same way. In turn, your team can spend less time troubleshooting and more time innovating. Standardization creates alignment across your organization, no matter how large.

Why Choose Clinical Mobility for Standardization?

Standardizing your wireless network and clinical mobility devices alone is prohibitively expensive and requires skills and knowledge that are needed for finite projects, but not for full-time in-house support. Standardization services from Clinical Mobility will align all existing and planned technologies in your organization. In the process, we will dramatically reduce the complexity of managing your wireless program, streamline the planning and purchasing of equipment, and give you control over your system.

Clinical Mobility is an independent services firm that does not sell or re-sell wireless technology. We advise our clients on the optimal solutions for every aspect of your wireless network, but our goal is to leverage the investments that you have already made.

Stop reacting and start innovating! Contact us to discuss the alignment of your wireless program today.

Key benefits of Standardization

  • Reliable connectivity - When every device is calibrated for your network.

  • Save money - Stop wasting money on complex integrations and sub-optimal hardware and software.

  • Scale with confidence - You are ready for anything with an adaptable roadmap for growth.

  • ROI - Get more value out of your investment while your technology enables new and enhanced services.

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